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Kane Smith

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Focus Areas

Pilot Training

Accelerate and Integrate Learning

New Aircraft

Low Purchase and Operating Costs

Financing Network

Asset Sharing & Favorable Terms

Sustainable Fuel

Renewable Sources & Electric Power


Maintenance and Storage


Development & Integration

Our Purpose

Create the safest and most efficient transportation system in the world, capable of supporting over 500 million Americans through the air. Our keys to success are reducing the cost to design, manufacture, certify, and operate private aircraft, generating and using clean power, and building communication and structural assets.


Learn About our Impact Investments

Autonomous Aircraft

Responsible Investing


Accelerating the transition to clean energy technologies powered by renewable sources, and maximizing performance and efficiency.


Eliminating all transportation safety risks and creating permanent US jobs across support services, manufacturing, and construction.


Board is expressly permitted to consider and prioritize the social and environmental impacts of its corporate decision-making.